Gelato Passion Manchester – The lightest waffles in all the land

IMG_0981Take a walk down Curry Mile and hidden amongst the 70 strong Indian Restaurants and Turkish Kebab houses, you will find hidden gems for any one with a sweet tooth. During my trip down Wilmslow road with my friend Harri we went to visit Gelato Passion Manchester. The bright overstated logo and exterior allow Gelato Passions fascia to compete with the surrounding cafes and restaurants, that strangely resemble a european holiday strip (I’m trying to not to obviously say Magaluf or Malia).

Cultural traditions mean many of the Restaurants and Cafes are alcohol free. So what better to do at 11pm at night than eat a giant plate of waffles topped with rich creamy Gelato ice cream? Passion Gelato use only organic fresh fruit as toppings and low-fat ingredients meaning you do not even need to feel guilty about indulging. We decided to go for the waffles, and for value, taste and viewing, we were not disappointed.

My eyes are always bigger than my belly when it comes to dessert, so I went for a regular sized Strawberry and Banana Waffle (£4.75). This was two triangular waffles topped with Banana and Strawberry slices, drizzled with a Butterscotch sauce and topped with rich vanilla Gelato, and Chocolate flakes. Sickly, is one word that comes to mind, but don’t let the M & S description fool you. This was hands down one of the lightest desserts I have ever eaten. I was genuinely shocked that I could finish the plate, and I enjoyed every single mouthful as much as the first.


Harri went for the large Strawberry and Chocolate waffle (£5.95). A monstrous four piece, plate filling waffle, topped with Strawberry slices, Chocolate sauce, vanilla Gelato and white chocolate shavings. Basically the waffle dreams are made of.

Passion Gelato do not just do Gelato and Waffles (Although they appear to be experts), they also have a cabinet filled to the brim with the dreamiest selection of hot and cold desserts.   IMG_0931      IMG_0930         IMG_0928

The extended opening hours (12pm – 1am), takeaway service and frankly jaw dropping desserts are all very impressive. The owners have not missed a trick, and I cannot wait to return.

Here is the link to Passion Gelato’s website, its genuinely one of the best restaurant websites I have seen in a while. And trust me I go on a lot!

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Stay fabulous,



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