Splendid Kitchen – Manchester

Spendid Kitchen on the corner of Albert’s Square (Where Princess street turns into John Dalton street), is bringing that  South American satisfying food to the heart of Manchester. A menu with a mix of fried chicken, sliders, gourmet topped fries, ribs, tacos and hot dogs,  will leave your mouth watering and your tummy ready to take the hit! DSCN1188 (2)

I had heard great things about Spendid Kitchen, so after braving the cold for our first trip to the Christmas Markets, it seemed like the perfect choice to warm us up. We turned up at 9pm and were welcomed by really friendly members of staff. Wanting to order every item off them menu, but constrained by how much we could actually eat, we had a whole host of questions. The waitress talked us through what she’d recommend and even offered us the the Chicken Tuesday specials, when our indecisive faces gave away our foodie dilemma’s.

So bring on the food, we finally decided on (Descriptions taking direct from Splendid Kitchens website);

1) Fried Chicken Dinner
Fast becoming famous. Two boneless fried chicken thighs with classic mash, corn on the cob and your choice of traditional or white sausage gravy.
DSCN1183 (2)
I can safely say that Splendid Kitchen served up some of the best fried chicken I have ever had, juicy soft boneless chicken thighs, encrusted in crisp seasoned crumbly batter. The mash and traditional gravy that accompanied made this plate truly comforting.
2) Pizza Fries
Fries topped with home made pizza sauce, chorizo, pepperoni and melted cheese.
Of the three frie variations we went for these were our least favourite, however as described they did taste exactly how you would expect pizza fries to taste, so still delicious.
3) Nacho Fries
Fries with “Sloppy Joe” (beef with peppers and onions in a tangy tomato sauce) topped with spring onions, jalapeños, guacamole and cheese.
Splendid MCR
And in our opinion the best on the table!! My friend Cyrus knows his nacho’s, so we all trust him when he said how impressed he was. The beef chilli was incredible and the home made guacamole added all the fresh creamy goodness it needed.
4) Splendid Fries
Fries topped with sausage pieces, bacon, cheese and gravy

DSCN1190 (4).JPG

On the left in the photo – Now lets not pretend Chips, cheese and gravy is something new, but trust me when I say these ones are 100% worth a try. Meaty bacon and sausage pieces mixed in with the chips, topped with gooey melted cheese, swimming soggily in rich gravy. I want them again now.
Waffle Fried Chicken
Two boneless fried chicken thighs with home-made waffles, crispy bacon & a pot of maple syrup – 50p from each sale goes to Action Against Hunger
DSCN1185 (3)
The star of the show, and the reason Splendid Kitchen has put its name on the map. This tower of sweet light waffle, crisp succulent fried Chicken, with crisp streaky bacon drizzle with maple syrup us everything we’d hope it would be and more. Sweet and savoury isn’t for everyone, but I promise if you like each ingredient on the plate you will love this. You have to try it once. 10/10.
If your into your health foods, Splendid Kitchen is probably not for you, however if your looking for a meal to put a smile on your face, you have come to the right place. Thank you Splendid Kitchen for bringing your deliciousness to Manchester’s city centre!
Head over to their website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (Bottom of the page) to book a table and be delighted. They also do week night specials, £5 lunch deals, Happy hours and much much more.
For day to day up dates make sure you follow @EatFabulous on Instagram and Twitter (https://www.instagram.com/eatfabulous__/). Until next time..
Stay Fabulous,

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