Cake Away – Desserts to your door step

Cake Away in Didsbury (Manchester) have been open for just over two years, providing the good people of Manchester with delicious cakes, shakes and bakes. Open in house 7 days a week 12pm-3am, whilst offering a delivery service to any where. Not your regular take away, eh?

The owner and her team work crazy hours providing families, students, couples and everyone else in between with breath taking cakes and desserts, which will make you look twice to check they’re real. Everything on the menu is made freshly on site, mixing your regular cakes and bakes with Sweets, Chocolates and other fun and creative treats.


Famous for their hot baked cookies, Cake Away is absolute packed with a hive of activity over the weekends. The take away service never lets up either, thanks to its unique offering. When visiting Cake Away the first time, I had the pleasure of first eating the Strawberry Cheesecake (£4.99).


Upon my next visit my friend Izzy and I, ate our way through the ultimate dessert, delightfully named ‘The World’. A huge hot bake cookie, topped with Waffles, Chocolate Brownie, Whipped cream, melted Chocolate and half a pix a mix stall. DSCN1386DSCN1389

Since the visit, working with Cake Away, we have collaborated using the @EatFabulous__ Instagram page to give ‘The World’ away to one lucky follower. The competition is live until Wednesday the 27th of January, so make sure to enter!DSCN1381DSCN1385

The Cafe itself, has cheeky fun branding, that is bright and bold, letting you know straight away what they are about. The inside walls are covered with proud framed images of cakes, which they have made for previously clients and customers.


The owner has built a very successful unique business in Cake Away, and spoke proudly of constantly striving for perfection, and being able to offer reliable employment in the community.

I personally really liked the place, especially as I do not even have to leave the house to eat the fabulous desserts! To find out more about Cake Away or to place an order, visit their social platforms listed below;

Website :

Twitter : @CakeawayMCR

Instagram : @CakeAwayMCR

Address : 244 Fog Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6EL

Number: 01614450800

There are a few more pictures below for you to enjoy.

Speak soon, stay fabulous and keep eating independently!






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