Hello World


EatFabulous was born in November 2014. A healthy passion for anything digestible, mixed with a habit of needing to capture the plate I had laid my eyes on, drove a constant stream of images on my overused IPhone 5. A humble Instagram account allowed me to share these images of delicious food with the world, which may not have previously been recognised.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/eatfabulous__/

I am yet to meet someone who does not enjoy eating out, but eating out costs considerably more than cooking from home. With our hard-earned money we want to be having the best dining experiences possible. The aim of EatFabulous is to provide a platform of amazing independent eateries, that you may have previously walked past, in search of that risk free chain establishment. The hidden gems that have the freedom to provide inspiring food, but, lack the budget to market it to the masses.   

So Hi, here it is.. EatFabulous has finally made it online. Thank you for everyone who has supported the idea to date, and welcome to all those newcomers. Subscribe to join the journey of finding, and featuring some of the best kept secrets of the edible world.


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